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Mandarin & Yuzu Body Sculptor - 250 ml SOLD OUT
KiKi's Mandarin & Yuzu Body Sculptor is a highly effective gel textured anti-cellulite cream which can help to firm and tone your skin with regular use. The Body Sculptor targets areas of the body which suffer from cellulite and a loss of elasticity, while moisturising and rejuvenating the skin.
Why we love it
This revolutionary bodycare product contains unique, cutting-edge, active ingredients which help to minimize the appearance of cellulite and assist in the redefining and toning of problem areas. Mandarin & Yuzu Body Sculptor is infused with a beautiful, exotic scent which, coupled with the smooth, cooling feel of the gel cream, leaves the skin refreshed and invigorated.
How to Apply
Apply the gel cream to areas of the body that need to be targeted. Massage into the skin gently with circular movements. For the best results use twice a day and in conjunction with exercise.
KiKi's beauty tip
Apply the Mandarin & Yuzu Body Sculptor to the whole body as a treat for an overall deeply moisturised feel. Will leave your entire body feeling fresh and renewed.
What's inside
KiKi's Mandarin & Yuzu Body Sculptor is formulated with the specialised Actigym™, which consists of an ingredient obtained from a marine microorganism. This active ingredient enhances the release of adiponectin from the adipocytes (fat cells) causing an improvement in skin appearance and tone. Adipo-Trap is an active ingredient extracted from a carnivorous plant (Sundew) which acts as the anti-cellulite component of the Body Sculptor. Both active ingredients work optimally when coupled with exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Vitamin E and avocado oil synergistically function together to improve elasticity and deeply moisturise the skin.
Important Ingredients
• Actigym™ - Helps improve skin tone and appearance.• Adipo-Trap - Acts as an anti-cellulite component• Vitamin E (Tocopheryl Acetate) - Strengthens skin barrier, acts as an antioxidant to remove free radicals which cause ageing.• Avocado Oil (Persea Gratissima Oil) - Rejuvenates skin and helps to improve skin elasticity.• Sunflower Seed Oil (Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil) - Provides essential fatty acids to the skin which prevent moisture loss.
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