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Volcanic Gold Body Exfoliator - 175 ml - SOLD OUT
KiKi's Volcanic Gold Body Exfoliator is one of our signature products, creatively formulated to awaken the senses and provide the ultimate cosmetic experience. The Volcanic Gold Body Exfoliator is a unique gold coloured product which washes and cleanses the body, exfoliates and moisturises it to provide all-in-one rejuvenation action. This beautiful product exudes luxury as it is flecked with golden pieces and filled with prime ingredients to delicately remove dead skin cells and to deeply nourish and moisturise the skin.rnrn
Why we love it
For us the Volcanic Gold Body Exfoliator is all about fully engaging the senses and gaining the maximum enjoyment and cosmetic benefits from the product. The Volcanic Gold Body Exfoliator contains a mixture of natural clays and golden particles and has an original, distinct appearance which excites the eyes and mind. The Volcanic Gold Body Exfoliator was specially formulated with a luscious, natural oil base in order to provide ample nourishment and hydration to the skin. The texture is rich and the fragrance is revitalising. The body exfoliator disperses over the skin and spreads easily which is ideal for a body product. Natural exfoliants work together to remove dead skin cells to reveal fresh and radiant skin.
How to Apply
Apply the exfoliator to the cleansed skin of body. Massage gently in circular motions. Wash off with warm water. Use 1 - 2 times a week.
KiKi's beauty tip
When exfoliating the body, do not forget to also scrub the hands and the feet. Dead skin cells need to be removed from the hand and feet just as much as the rest of the body. Exfoliate the hands and feet as you would the body 1 - 2 times a week.rnrn
What's inside
KiKi's Volcanic Gold Body Exfoliator contains a natural, black clay mineral blend composed of argilla, montmorillonite, kaolin and mica. This clay mineral mixture can help to detox the skin and assist in removing dirt and impurities from the skin's surface. Rice powder and fine salt are the two natural ingredients that are used as exfoliants. Both ingredients very gently scrub and exfoliate to reveal a layer of skin that is bright, soft and fresh. A natural blend of silky oils and fatty acids, combined with sucrose stearate and sucrose laurate, cause refinement and retexturing, transforming the appearance and feel of your skin. The oily base provides moisture and replenishment to leave a soft and conditioned result.
Important Ingredients
• Argilla/Montmorillonite/Kaolin/Mica - Natural black mineral clay which helps to detox skin and control oil. • Rice Powder (Oryza Sativa Germ Powder) - Natural exfoliant which helps to remove dead skin cells. • Fine Salt (Sodium Chloride) - Natural exfoliant which brightens and polishes skin. • Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides - Plant oils which moisturise, soften and condition the skin.
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