KiKi's Eye Renewal Cream is a gentle, fragrance free, under eye product which brightens and smooths the under eye area. The eye renewal cream also assists in reducing the appearance of dark circles, bags and fine lines beneath the eyes. Twice a day application of the Eye Renewal Cream can leave your eyes looking revived and restored for a younger more radiant looking you. THE SUPERCOOL EYE SERUM AND LINE SMOOTHER IS A high potency serum to help reduce bags and dark circles under the eye and lift the skin of the eyelid. The gentle cooling and fragrance free serum easily glides over lines on the face to smooth and soften. A natural blend of Persian Silk Tree Extract and Tiger Herb Extract helps to stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis for excellent results.
Why we love it
Together these two will change your life. In a high-end glass rollerball container, the SUPERCOOL EYE SERUM is different to any you have ever used. It is gentle and light but potent at the same time to produce excellent results. Not only does it target under the eye, but also the eyelid and all lines or wrinkles on the face or neck area. It is fragrance free, suitable for sensitive skin and all skin types. Works amazingly well in conjunction with the Eye Renewal Cream. THE EYE RENEWAL CREAM is not only a product for people with visible signs of ageing but also for the youth who wish to prevent ageing. Unlike many under eye products, KiKi's Eye Renewal Cream is able to assist in reducing the appearance of both eye bags and dark circles beneath the eyes. This cream can be dabbed beneath the eye throughout the day to provide moisture and rejuvenation to the under eye area. The all in one Eye Renewal treatment is ideal to nourish and repair the delicate skin beneath the eye resulting in a smooth and youthful appearance.
How to Apply
Shake the glass bottle before use. Then gently roll on the serum at a tilted angle, beneath eye, on the eyelid and and along any line or wrinkle on the face or neck. Use morning and evening before eye cream and moisturiser. FOR THEY EYE RENEWAL CREAM APPLY AFTER EYE SERUM. Gently apply with one finger to the skin beneath the eye. Massage into the skin with small circular movements. For the best results use at least twice a day. Can be applied throughout the day if needed.
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