Product Disclaimer

KiKi Beauty does not claim to treat, cure or prevent any skin or bodily disorders whatsoever. Their products are cosmetics and merely aim to help improve the appearance, clean, perfume and keep in good condition the skin of the face and body, in line with the definition of a cosmetic. They do not imply at all that the uses/benefits of their products are backed by medical research.

If you have experienced any kind of skin problems or allergies before, please consult with your skin doctor before using KiKi’s products. The information that is supplied on their website, marketing material and packaging is for educational purposes only and should not be substituted as the advice of a professional medical expert. It is advised that you use KiKi’s products as directed on the packaging. KiKi will not be held liable, under any circumstance, for any type of damages arising as a result of the use/misuse of the published materials on their site or for the failure to use their products as instructed on the packaging.

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